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Affordable tickets to independent global cinema!

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Whilst we continue to curate independent and forward thinking Feature, Short & Documentary films for WSFF’s diverse programme (submit here before May 31s!); we have also been hard at work to make sure our festival will be accessible to all lovers of cinema.

This is why we are proud to release our pricing plan for tickets to Wonderous Stories Film Festival (23-25 July).

One of the pillars of WSFF, is to show art made by everyday people, outside the restrictions of a studio system. We believe that art house and independent cinema has a place on all screens and for all audiences.

So you don’t have to worry about making a large dent into your summer savings for our festival:

Individual tickets to all feature films showing at WSFF will be £8.50!

On top of this, we’ve be working alongside our partners at Watermans Art Centre, to pinpoint the specific groups that will get an even cheaper price to all WSFF screenings across 23-25 July.

£5 Concession tickets will also be available to:

NHS workers



Those with disabilities

At such great prices we encourage everyone to see Wonderous Stories Film Festival as an opportunity to support Watermans as a local cinema; and bring a new audience to global filmmaking.

With applications closing shortly, our programme will soon be released, so follow us on Instagram to keep-up-to-date, and email us for any more info!

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