Film Talk

"How to make an independent movie - risk & reward".


An inspiring talk by Marcel Grant on how your project can become film reality.


This part-memoir/part-workshop two-hour talk is not for the faint-hearted. Unmissable for anyone passionate about independent film, free-thinkers and entrepreneurs alike, Marcel shares his unique approach and experiences on how to single-handedly raise film finance away from the mainstream path of channel and studio commitment, government subsidies and film development funds.


With Q&A to follow.


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Filmmaker Marcel Grant

Behind the Scenes

(9 minute short)

An insight into behind the scenes 'trials and tribulations' of independent filmmaking. The documentary follows Marcel’s struggle to shoot his first feature 'What’s Your Name 41?' in London and Venice. Feuding crew, faulty equipment, and disappearing finances were just a few of the obstacles that faced the movie’s completion. As the film did manage to get made, ‘A Look Behind The Scenes’ can be seen as a 'Lost In La Mancha' with a happy ending.

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